CSR Activities

Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) found a place in corporate lexicon, it was already textured into our Group's value systems. As early as the 2001 our founder Dr V S Chauhan espoused the trusteeship concept of management. Simply stated, this entails that the wealth that one generates and holds, is to be held as in a trust for our multiple stakeholders. With regard to CSR, this means investing part of our profits beyond business, for the larger good of society.

While carrying forward this philosophy, Our projects are carried out under the aegis of the "Gautam budh Health Care Foundation .Our focus is on the all-round development of the communities around our plants located mostly in distant rural areas and tribal belts. Our partners in development are government bodies, district authorities, village panchayats and the end beneficiaries — the villagers. The Government has, in their 5-year plans, special funds earmarked for human development and we recourse to many of these. At the same time, we network and collaborate with like-minded bilateral and unilateral agencies to share ideas, draw from each other's experiences, and ensure that efforts are not duplicated. At another level, this provides a platform for advocacy.

Project Identification Mechanism

All projects are planned in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community, literally sitting with them, and gauging their basic needs. We take recourse to "participatory rural appraisal", which is a mapping process. Subsequently, based on a consensus and in discussion with the village panchayats, we priorities requirements. And thus a project is born. Implementation is the responsibility of the community and our team, as is the monitoring of milestones and the other aspects. Monitoring entails physical verification of the progress and the actual output of the project. Village meetings are held periodically to elicit feedback on the benefits of our community programmes and the areas where these need to be beefed up. We try and ensure that while in the short term we have to do enormous hand-holding, the projects become sustainable by the beneficiaries over the long haul. Once this stage is reached, we withdraw. In this way we do not build a culture of dependence, instead we make the villagers self-reliant. Model Villages One of our unique initiatives is to develop model villages, so each of our major companies is working towards the total transformation of a number of villages in proximity to our plants. Making of a model village entails ensuring self-reliance in all aspects viz., education, health care and family welfare, infrastructure, agriculture and watershed management, and working towards sustainable livelihood patterns. Fundamentally, ensuring that their development reaches a stage wherein village committees take over the complete responsibility and our teams become dispensable.

CSR Identified Sectors and CSR Activities

GBHCF shall undertake GBHCF CSR Activities in all or any of the CSR Activities as prescribed under the Companies Act, however, it shall give primary importance to the GBHCF CSR Identified Sectors, as follows.

Health & Hygiene

  • Supporting and facilitating surgery and high end treatment
  • Preventive healthcare to underprivileged in identified geographies
  • Personal hygiene training in those villages which have been identified by the Company and in those locations where Health and Immunization camps are organized by the Company
  • Environmental hygiene awareness in and around the areas of operations of the Company


exclusively for the selected Village / Grams / any other geographical clusters selected for development project

  • Augment Primary and Secondary Education through remedial education support
  • Bridging Digital Divide
  • Financial Literacy to create awareness about financial planning


  • Vitamin A (0-5 years) and other supplements for underprivileged women and children


  • Vocational training and creating & supporting Self Help Groups for single women led households in villages identified for adoption by the Company. The vocations for which training will be provided will be identified basis the inherent skill sets and commercial opportunities for those vocations in and around the village
Modality of Execution of GBHCF CSR Activities:
  • Healthcare which will cover pan-India immunization, surgeries and treatments, health camps, medicinal support, health awareness, environmental awareness, support for artificial limbs & polio callipers and other disability.
  • Village Adoption in which the Company will focus on:
  • Children related issues in the areas of health, education and nutrition (education being an integral part of holistic well being, will be addressed only in the village adoption initiative, not in any other geography)
  • Single women led households to create self sustenance
  • Health and Hygiene in the village and
  • Spreading awareness about a healthy environment.
Geographical Areas for CSR Activities:
  • Health & Hygiene -   In areas as may be identified by GAUTAM BUDH HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION.
  • Nutrition -   In areas as may be identified by GAUTAM BUDH HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION.
  • Education and Livelihood -   Only in the village adopted by GAUTAM BUDH HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION; in locations identified by the Company from time to time
  • Beneficiaries for the GBHCF CSR Activities -
    1. Children (0-18 years)
    2. Women – Particularly, those who are running households alone
    3. Senior citizens
    4. Others – society at large

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