What we do

The GBHCF, ever since its conception has been focusing its energies and resources on medical treatment, education rehabilitation and prophylaxis, especially for the underprivileged, physically handicapped and mentally challenged children, women and needy. GBHCF believes in the WHO's motto of "Health for All" and it as been tirelessly working for the benefit of children as we at GBHCF consider them to be very "Special" beings. ​W​e wish to see these children always smiling with "JOY & HOPE" and walk towards a better future.

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    Healthcare Assistance

    In line with our commitment to ‘Health for All’ we have a regular programme for organizing health camps which apart from providing solutions, also focus on information dissemination and preventive healthcare practices.

    The lesser privileged section of our society is vulnerable because of lack of education and public health awareness. In-fact, poor accountability, low-quality care, lack of health awareness and limited access to health facilities are some of the key challenges our healthcare system is facing today.

    So, along with providing healthcare, we at GBHCF have took to creating awareness among the people, awareness about hygiene, preventive steps, their rights for claiming healthcare benefits and much more.

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    Healthcare Awareness

    The Foundation operates with the commitment to health for all and we keep organizing various health camps at regular intervals that are targeted towards providing healthcare solutions. These health camps impart health education and sensitize the community on preventive and protective health grounds. These camps are aimed at generating awareness, diagnosis and treatment of numerous health hazards. Specialized health camps are organized for Eye care, TB, Malaria, Anemia, Dengue, and Diarrhea, Worm infestation, Skin infections and STD/HIV diseases.

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    Medical Surveys

    Using surveys makes it easy to collect and analyse data for anything from basic research to clinical trials to epidemiological studies. Flawed data can guide even the greatest leaders to the wrong conclusions. Since we at GBHCF meet with and come face to face with so many people and types and symptoms of diseases everyday, we are definitely in better place to understand the survey results and put them to good use.

    We understand that surveys can make a major impact on the direction of of our work at GBHCF and hence we make sure we always get the same from an authentic source.

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    Disability evaluation and control

    Function, Impairment, and Disability are words in which many physicians have little interest. Most physicians are trained to deal with structure and physiology and not function and disability. The purpose this article is..

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    Mother and Child Welfare

    We think that women is truly the axis around whom the health and education of the entire family revolves. Hence if a woman is made awre, we are basically spreading awareness to an entire family unit. Hence special attention is given to women’s health. Women health care camps also foster women to seek medical aid for their reproductive health and well-being. Counseling couples, educating adolescent girls and other informative activities too are undertaken by the GBHCFDLF Foundation.

    GBHCF works very closely with the physically challenged children and strives to provide the est healthcare and preventive care to the under privileged ones.

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    Rural Development

    Rural Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges that India is facing today. High mortality rates are because of the poor health care facilities in the rural areas of India. More than 70% of India’s population is living under the roof of rural setup. These poorly established houses experience lack of proper supply of water and electricity. They manage to get a little water from far away distant places in order to proceed with their daily activities.

    We at GBHCF have taken it upon ourselves to provide expert advice and experience and also the necessary help to these people to be able to lead a life complete with basic requirements fulfilled. We connect them to the concerned officials, take up their causes for them, assimilate information for them and help them raise the bar with all that we are capable of.

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    Outsourcing of medical aid to rural areas

    India has a dismal doctor-to-patient ratio – around 1:1,900, against the UN-prescribed 1:1,000. The disparity is especially high in rural areas, with about 70 per cent of the country’s population living there.

    The situation is especially worrisome as bad infrastructure and lack of facilities hold back doctors from taking on assignments in these areas.

    What’s more, patients and their relatives from rural areas usually don’t want to visit doctors in the cities. The reasons range from the lack of education towards appropriate treatments to their worries of spending money on transportation and medical expenses in the city. Also, they worry about losing wages for the days they travel to the cities for their treatment.

    We at GBHCF are committed to provide healthcare facilities to one and all and in our endevour to do so, we have come up with several answers to this challenge our country faces. We have put into action, quite a few mobile Van clinics which are equipped to handle medical requirements at rural areas and are able to connect to us back in case more than basic care is required. We have identified certain areas where it has become a regular feature for us to hold mobile clinics and try to lessen the gap.

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    Skill Development

    GBHCF is proud to be associated with the skill development projects of our government and we at GBHCF are tirelessly working towards the same in order to do our part in making this mission successful. We are actively involved the UPSSDM and the PMVY projects of our government, which involve training of all the eligible youth in 14-35 age groups in the trades of their preference, providing facilities for acquisition and up-gradation of skills of the unskilled and semi skilled workforce and enabling provisions for the vulnerable section e.g. women, children and the minorities. We are associated with the skill development project in various places and in various ways and have taken it upon ourselves to give our best in changing the face our country.

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